Refreshing Summer Scents

This summer is proving to be a scorcher and while we’re not complaining, we’ve lined up a few delicious summer scents to keep our bods smelling refreshed all summer long. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach with your beau, or an afternoon picnic at the park, keeping body scents tucked away in your purse is a great way to ward off body odors caused by summer heat.

1.       PINK Body Mist – Victoria’s Secret PINK Body Mist offers refreshing hints of aloe and comes in a variety of scents including Wild & Breezy, Sweet & Flirty, Wild at Heat,and my personal favourite, Hot Crush. These spray bottles come in a travel size that is easy to store in your bag, desk drawer at work, or in the glove compartment of your car.

2.       LUSH Body Lotion – Lather your body in LUSH Body Lotion for a soothing and calming formula with organic scents such as ginger, oat milk, lavender and rose water. These lotions are great for applying straight out of the shower or after you’ve washed your hands.

3.       Body Shop Body ButterBody Shop’s super moisturizing body butters come in ten scents that are so delicious you’ll have to fight the urge to lick your skin. Go for a fresh fruit scent such as mango, strawberry or blueberry; or for something a little more nutty such as shea butter, coconut or cocoa.

Refreshing Summer Scents1Pink Body Mist1Dream Cream1The Body Shop Body Butter

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